- New Korean Interface to Res 1366

- All Euro maps and a lot of New Custom Maps.

- All New Monsters.

- All New Items ( Full Sets).

- Guild Territories - Storage ( Storage increase depending on members count , Rank in guild fights and if guild has gt).

- Saving Scrolls (Exp/Drop scrolls save after log out).

- Expiring Items.

- Buff Icons with timers.

- Noob Guild to help new players.

- Group Level system.

- Server wide buff system for events.

- In-game Ranking System.

- Guild level system (by hunting the right mobs you earn points to rise yours guilds member limit)

- Warrior / Wizard / Taoist / Assassin Class Avilable to Play

- New Skills

- Quest System

- Weapon & Item Glows!

Experience Rate: x3

Gold Rate: Custom

Drop Rate: Custom



- Taoist Pets Bone Familar & Shinsu Now Increase in Damage as you do(Along with Image Changing)

- Sabuk War starts at 8PM and lasts 30mins. (Automatically Starts Every Friday!)

- Guild wars now last one hour.(Also rank in wars will earn your guild peaks!)

- Remember before when you had to loot each pile of gold?No more! Also, Gold Is Automatically Shared with Players in the group!

- Stones Sockets now allow other Statics like - AC/AMC Agility/Accuracy.

- Invasion System to test your skills or group skills.(Purposely Made So , All People can join in At Any Random Time or Day.)